Is Acupuncture for you?

Many people come for acupuncture treatment because they have been diagnosed with a particular condition and would like acupuncture to help either alongside conventional medicine or as an alternative to it.
iStock_blackmanfront000008803223XSmallSome patients turn to acupuncture for conditions that have not been helped by conventional medicine. Others may have been told that “there is nothing wrong” with them according to conventional medical tests and yet they feel unwell in themselves. Many people come for treatment because they feel stressed or low in energy. Many people find acupuncture helpful when going through or recovering from an emotional trauma.

It is a great strength of acupuncture that it always treats the person as a whole, and not just as an isolated set of symptoms. It is a powerful form of medicine and can be used to treat a very wide range of conditions, both acute and chronic. Acupuncture can also help people wanting to alleviate the adverse effects of medication or when trying to come off medication (in consultation with a doctor).

Please also have a look at personal statements of some of my patients in Patients’ Experiences to get a sense of the scope of acupuncture treatment.

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