Five Element Acupuncture

This style of acupuncture sees the person through the ancient Chinese view of the natural world – the Five Elements (Wu xing). The Five Element view uses the fundamental qualities of the Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood and Water to create a dynamic system of resonances, which describes all the processes and phenomena of nature. An understanding of these qualities and how they interrelate with one another, gives us an insight into human behaviour, temperament, motivations and preferences. Of special importance to an acupuncturist is to note how the patient is influenced by and responds to life events.

We all have the qualities of all Five Elements present and manifesting within us. Usually though, through nature or nurture, one or more of the Elements becomes out of balance. This imbalance may manifest as a sense of being unwell or as symptoms of an illness, with each Element giving distinct signs recognisable by the acupuncture practitioner. The main diagnostic indicators include facial colour, sound of the voice, smell of the body and the way the person responds to events in their life. The primary focus of Five Element Acupuncture is on who the patient is – emotionally and constitutionally – in terms of Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood and Water. The aim of the treatment is to strengthen the patient’s constitutional Element and to restore the balance among the Five Elements.

This subtle and gentle treatment often leads to profound changes within the individual, improving their physical health and restoring the sense of who they are, their self-esteem and their potential.

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